UK biotech groups merge into 'supercluster' powerhouse

Two regional biotech networks in the UK have agreed to join forces and create the continent's leading supercluster of drug developers.

Cambridge-based ERBI and the London Biotechnology Network have agreed to merge into one organization representing more than 750 life sciences companies that span from start-ups to Pfizer and Genzyme. And the group will include three of the world's top academic research centers, Cambridge, Imperial College and UCL. All together, the new organization will represent more than half of the UK's entire life sciences industry.

"This coming together, in response to requests from our members, recognizes that London and Cambridge are two parts of a single cluster," says ERBI chief Harriet Fear. "I am extremely excited about the opportunities ahead for this newly created global force in life science and healthcare, and am looking forward to presenting the new face of the cluster at our annual conference."

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