U.S. Physicians Will Require Less Clinical Trial Data Than European Physicians Before Prescribing Biosimilars

U.S. Physicians Will Require Less Clinical Trial Data Than European Physicians Before They are Comfortable Prescribing Biosimilars
 When Considering Biosimilar Manufacturing, Both U.S. and European Physicians Place the Most Trust in Biotech Companies Experienced in Manufacturing Biologics, According to New Research from Decision Resources
WALTHAM, Mass., Aug. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Decision Resources, one of the world's leading research and advisory firms for pharmaceutical and healthcare issues, finds that U.S. physicians will require less clinical trial data than physicians in Europe before they are comfortable prescribing biosimilars. According to Biosimilars Advisory Service: Acceptance of Biosimilars Across Physician Specialties, 33 percent of surveyed U.S. physicians would feel comfortable prescribing a biosimilar that launched with only one Phase III study for support, compared with an average of 20 percent of physicians in France and Germany. Compared with French and German physicians, U.S. physicians are comfortable with the shortest duration of clinical trials.

"The desire for trials addressing immunogenicity of biosimilars is greater among European physicians compared with physicians in the United States, and likely reflects immunogenicity problems with biosimilars erythropoiesis stimulating agents currently on the market in the EU," said Decision Resources Product Director Michael Malecki, Ph.D.

The report also finds that when considering manufacturers of biosimilars, U.S. and European physicians both place the most trust in biotech companies experienced in manufacturing biologics. Compared with U.S. physicians, French and German physicians have more trust in a large pharmaceutical company that has acquired or is in partnership with a large pharmaceutical or biotech company to manufacture biosimilars. Survey findings also reveal that European physicians have less confidence than U.S. physicians in a traditional generics manufacturer to develop large, complex molecules.

"These findings suggest that when considering biosimilars manufacturing, while physicians place the most trust in companies like Amgen and Abbott that have experience in manufacturing biologics, they are also open to companies such as Johnson & Johnson and GlaxoSmithKline that are not currently in the biosimilars space, but may be able to enter the biosimilars market via partnership," added Dr. Malecki.

The Acceptance of Biosimilars Across Physician Specialties module offers extensive primary research to examine physician attitudes towards biosimilars across the United States, France and Germany. It is offered as part of Decision Resources' Biosimilars Advisory Service which provides insight and analysis of the evolving biosimilars market.

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