Troubled Amgen pays CEO $13.2M in compensation

With its shares plunging and regulators threatening its blockbuster anemia franchise, Amgen CEO Kevin Sharer (photo) nevertheless garnered $13.2 million in compensation last year, according to the AP. Sharer's fortunes waned by a hefty 29 percent, dropping from $18.6 million taken in the halcyon days of 2006. Sharer took home $1.5 million in pay last year (up), $1.5 million in bonuses (down) and stock and options valued at $9.3 million when they were offered (also down). The perks of the job may have softened the blow, though. Sharer's use of a company plane, Amgen car and driver and tax and financial planning services were worth a collective $900,000. Amgen shareholders did a little worse than the CEO. Company shares plunged 35 percent last year.

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