TrialReach secures $1.2m in funding to expand their discovery platform for clinical trials and patient recruitment services

LONDON, United Kingdom - 25th October 2011
TrialReach ( is a groundbreaking service that helps patients with any medical condition to explore, understand and access the latest clinical trials, anywhere in the world. The Internet and social media have enabled patients to become much more deeply involved in managing their own diseases and there has been an explosion of online information. However, the information about new treatments and clinical trials has remained, until now, obscure and inaccessible for the majority of those patients looking online for help. At the same time, every day, thousands of new patients are needed in projects designed to prove the effectiveness of new medical treatments and devices. TrialReach's unique website combines a specialised search engine, exclusive patient-friendly information and fast communication channels between patients and physicians to make clinical trials easy to find, easy to understand, and easy to access.

"Our strategy is based on empowering patients through content, tools and context, a formula that has revolutionized other sectors but was never tried before in clinical trials. The results so far have greatly exceeded our initial expectations. Thousands of patients have signed up for studies through our website, and hundreds of them have been put in contact with the investigators after passing a strict triple-filter process", said Pablo Graiver, co-founder and CEO of TrialReach.

UK technology investor Amadeus Capital Partners Ltd. recently led an investment of $1.2 million in the company to further develop the TrialReach platform with the addition of new tools and content for patients and clinical trial sponsors, and to enable the expansion their services to other languages and territories around the world. Alex van Someren, General Partner in the Amadeus & Angels Seed Fund, said: "I was impressed from the outset by the importance of what TrialReach does in quickly connecting patients with treatments which could help them. Even better, the company was founded by a team with real experience in building successful technology businesses. I'm genuinely excited about the potential for TrialReach to improve people's lives, save trial sponsors time & money, and build a global business for our investors."

TrialReach works closely with investigators and clinical trial sponsors, including global pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies and clinical recruitment organisations (CROs), to create fresh online multimedia descriptions of the studies, as well as their accompanying user-friendly pre-screening questionnaires. The solution includes a feature that gives patients the option to forward their own questions to healthcare professionals, usually the actual investigators of each study. Jessica Mann MD PhD, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of TrialReach, noted: "The benefits of TrialReach's tools, both to patients and to the industry, can be quite literally life-changing. I have experienced the patient recruitment problem first-hand for many years and for the first time I believe that through TrialReach there is a real, lasting solution that is friendly, efficient and extremely cost-effective."
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TrialReach is presenting at the Health 2.0 Europe Conference ( in Berlin, 27-28th October 2011, where the company will be unveiling their new website to the public.

About TrialReach Ltd.
Headquartered in London, England, TrialReach is a global search and referral engine for clinical trials, dedicated to making clinical trials easy to find out about, understand, and get access to. TrialReach uses the latest online technologies and marketing tools to bridge the gap between patients wanting to take part in clinical trials and sponsors and investigators seeking to recruit participants. For more information about the company, visit
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