Tolerx wins $15M milestone; Ore gains drug rights from Roche;

> Tolerx has won a $15 million milestone payment from GlaxoSmithKline on its launch of a late-stage trial of an experimental diabetes therapy. Report

> Ore Pharmaceuticals has acquired the exclusive development rights for the clinical-stage compound romazarit from Roche. Ore release

> Valeant Pharmaceuticals and Med are forming joint ventures in Mexico, Canada and Australia to develop and market new therapies. Report

> Alnylam will get $7.5 million in new federal funds to support its work developing new antiviral drugs. Report

> BioSante Pharmaceuticals has reacquired Elestrin (estradiol gel) from Nycomed, which acquired Bradley Pharmaceuticals--BioSante's previous licensee of Elestrin--last February. BioSante release

> Cardinal Health is considering spinning off its clinical and medical products divisions. Release

> Can Merck boost Singulair sales? Report

> How do different antidepressants stack up? Blood-pressure meds? Diabetes drugs? Do we know? Well, Sen. Max Baucus says he aims to find out: He's introduced a bill that would create an institute for comparative-effectiveness research. Report

> When Biogen Idec announced last week that a potentially fatal brain infection had cropped up again in Tysabri patients, markets reacted swiftly--and negatively. Financial analysts have done some number-crunching to quantify those long-term effects. And the news isn't good. Tysabri report

> The debate over costly oncology meds rages on in the U.K. as the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence rejected four high-tech drugs for advanced kidney cancer treatment. NICE report

> The FDA has come up with a lineup of three all-new flu strains for this year's vaccine recipe. Report

> Good news for Roche and GlaxoSmithKline: The U.K. is planning to double its stockpile of anti-flu meds to prepare for a possible pandemic. Report

And Finally.... Federal officials believe that Senator Tom Daschle's objections to the anthrax vaccine angered researcher Bruce Ivins, leading to the anthrax attacks. Report