Thomson Reuters to offer access to biomarker content within MetaCore - 05 May 2011

Thomson Reuters to offer access to biomarker content within MetaCore - 05 May 2011

Business information provider Thomson Reuters, US, has announced plans to offer access to its validated biomarker content within MetaCore, the company's pathway analysis and biomarker discovery solution. The announcement marks a further step forward in providing the life sciences industry with unparalleled resources for biomarker discovery and development.

The enhanced access will provide users of MetaCore with additional gene and biomarker data including biomarker name, type and role as well as gene name within their search results. The additional data is drawn from Thomson Reuters Integrity, the industry's largest source of validated biomarker data, with more than 7,000 biomarkers and 200,000 related uses. The development will provide deeper insight into potential biomarkers identified in MetaCore, including previous utility, extent of research already performed and level of confidence in that biomarker.

Inclusion of the biomarkers data in MetaCore will strengthen its appeal among scientists and researchers working in translational medicine, or involved in the identification of biomarkers for use in internal decision making for early research and development projects.

MetaCore is an integrated solution and software suite for pathway analysis of experimental data and gene lists. The solution enables scientists to discover and hypothesise on potential new biomarkers, either through pathway exploration or through the interpretation of experimentally derived 'omics' data.

Thomson Reuters Integrity integrates biology, chemistry and pharmacology data on more than 340,000 compounds with demonstrated biological activity and almost 160,000 patent family records providing researchers with reliable, detailed information across multiple disciplines.