Targeted Genetics reports tgAAC94 data

Targeted Genetics is reporting results from an early-stage study of tgAAC94 for inflammatory arthritis. The drug uses a specially engineered virus to transport a gene. When working properly, the therapy produces proteins that eliminate the inflammatory molecules that cause arthritis. The company said that while the trial was not powered to show statistical significance, "tgAAC94 has the potential to improve disease symptoms that are refractory to other therapies, including systemic TNF antagonists." According to CEO H. Stewart Parker, "these clinical observations will help guide further clinical development."

A clinical trial of tgAAC94 was placed on hold last year after the death of a study participant, which threw a spotlight on the safety record of the whole gene therapy field. However, the FDA determined tgAAC94 was not to blame and the study continued.

- here's Targeted Genetics' release

Editor's note: This article has been corrected. The previous version inaccurately reported that the trial had failed. However, the trial was not set up to determine efficacy.