Synthego expands CRISPR kit reach with Eurofins distribution deal

Synthego has tapped Eurofins Genomics to distribute synthetic single guide RNA (sgRNA) products from its CRISPRevolution line of genome-editing kits. The partnership adds Eurofins customers in 44 countries to Synthego’s market, which, until now, was concentrated in the U.S. 

The Redwood City, California-based biotech aims to boost the cell and gene therapy space by making gene-editing tools more accessible to scientists around the world. The idea is to offer scientists the tools they need to develop gene editing-based treatments without having to start from scratch. It markets CRISPRevolution kits that scientists can use in their labs to modify cells, as well as an engineered Cells service, in which the company does the editing for customers. 

But as a small company, Synthego is “always” on the hunt for partners that can help extend its reach, said Ted Tisch, Synthego’s chief operating officer, in an interview. 

“We do have a direct channel, but we are not global,” Tisch said. “This partnership allows us global expansion, allows us to get into labs we’re not able to get into.” 

He’s talking about places in Asia and Eastern Europe, where Eurofins has a presence and where scientists working on CRISPR may not have the best access to CRISPR tools. Eurofins will distribute two RNA products to suit researchers’ needs—Synthego’s sgRNA product is more expensive, but tends to perform well with a high editing efficiency, while its crRNA:tracrRNA product is cheaper, but does not make edits as efficiently, Tisch said. 

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The deal comes barely four weeks after Synthego raised $110 million in its series C round. That capital was earmarked for market expansion into Europe and Asia as well as an increased capacity for both its CRISPRevolution and Engineered Cells products.  

While Synthego looks forward to “doing more” with Eurofins as they move forward, Tisch said, “this is just the beginning of the relationship.” That said, the company won’t be seeking a distribution deal for its Engineered Cells business anytime soon. 

“Only Synthego is selling the Engineered Cells line. … We’d like to expand that business area a little bit more before going into a distribution model around that,” Tisch said. “We will consider that, but right now, that’s something we’re keeping to ourselves.”