SYNARC Engages Dr. Peter Milner for Cardiac Imaging Services and Solutions

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- SYNARC, the world's leading provider of medical image analysis services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, announced today that Dr. Peter Milner has joined SYNARC to expand and enhance the company's rapidly growing cardiac imaging services and solutions for the clinical trial setting.

Dr. Peter Milner, FACC, cardiologist, industry veteran and successful entrepreneur brings over 25 years of experience in drug development and clinical trial design in cardiovascular indications with an emphasis on imaging. He co-founded three successful biotech-biopharmaceutical companies, CV Therapeutics Inc, ARYx Therapeutics and Optivia Biotechnology. CV Therapeutics was acquired by Gilead for $1.5B in 2009.

SYNARC is seeking to integrate the most up to date advances in cardiac imaging to provide state of the art services to support its client needs. "As an experienced provider of central cardiac imaging services, SYNARC has recognized the emerging need for better definitions of cardiovascular function, structure and vessel wall biology by integrating the latest imaging modalities into the clinical trial setting. These newer modalities are revolutionizing the way cardiology is practiced and have the potential to significantly improve the process of drug approval," stated Dr. Milner. These methods are critical to the evaluation of new therapies in cardiovascular disease and can also be used to better evaluate the cardiac safety of drugs. "There are multiple drugs under development that require efficacy and safety evaluation not only by traditional endpoint, but also using high quality imaging and biomarkers which SYNARC now has available."

Aaron Timm, Head of Imaging for CCBR-SYNARC stated, "Dr. Peter Milner brings a unique combination of scientific expertise, experience and understanding of needs in cardiovascular drug development with focus on modern approaches to efficacy and safety monitoring using imaging modalities. Dr. Milner's collaboration with SYNARC further enhances our cardiovascular offering in support of our clients' development programs."


CCBR-SYNARC's medical image analysis, biochemical marker, and clinical research center services enable life-science industry clients to execute clinical trials accurately while decreasing the time, uncertainty, and cost of product development. CCBR-SYNARC has partnered with industry leaders to bring numerous leading compounds to market across a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas. Our services integrate critical aspects of clinical-trial design and execution, from protocol design and subject recruitment to regulatory liaison on behalf of our clients.  Our expert radiologists and scientists are innovators in all aspects of medical image analysis and biochemical markers in drug development, and have pioneered many methods used in today's clinical trials.