Steve Reed uses familiar strategy to build a new biotech

In a follow-up to yesterday's news that Immune Design had raised a $32 million round to fuel its work on a new generation of vaccines, CEO Steve Reed talked to Xconomy's Luke Timmerman about his plans for the future.

So far, explains Timmerman, Immune Design has been sticking with a familiar game plan: Build a team, get some supporting data, get into the clinic and then start forging partnerships with Big Pharma outfits.

That's exactly how Reed went about the business of building Corixa, which was sold to GSK five years ago. And now he's returned to the same theme to structure a new biotech based on a combination of viral vector technology and adjuvants.

Reed is also quick to add one more ingredient to the start-up recipe: Excitement. "I'm really excited about this company," Reed tells Xconomy. "We have a great team, and great technology."

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