Sistemic Expands SistemQCTM microRNA-based Services into Stem Cell QC

Sistemic Expands SistemQCTM microRNA-based Services into Stem Cell QC

Glasgow, Scotland, October 4st, 2010 - Today Sistemic Ltd launched the expansion of its patented SistemQCTM services into quality control of stem cells at the World Stem Cell Summit in Detroit. SistemQCTM could hold part of the jigsaw puzzle to successful development of the stem cell therapeutic market. This exciting and rapidly progressing new field is predicted to grow by 29% annually to reach more than $1.7 billion by 2015.

 SistemQC's microRNA-based fingerprint of the stem cell system has clear applications in cell characterisation and the production process. It can be used to easily and efficiently monitor stem cell identity, drift, differentiation staging and purity. According to CEO Prof. Chris Hillier, SistemQCTM has been launched in response to widespread demand: "As stem cell therapies increasingly enter the clinic and potentially market, there is a huge unmet need for reliable, information-rich QC methods to monitor cells easily and effectively and to fit within current workflow processes. Importantly, SistemQCTM not only gives a succinct read out on the status of the cells but also an insight into the underlying biological effects associated with any change detected. We have already had a great deal of interest from both research institutions and biopharma and hope to sign our first contracts by the end of 2010".

The launch of SistemQCTM services for stem cells adds another arm to Sistemic's portfolio of microRNA-based innovative services which also include drug discovery and development tools as well as a drug repositioning engine.

About SistemRNAÔ - SistemRNATM is an enabling platform technology which profiles microRNA expression and utilises in-house customised algorithms which analyse the miRNA dataset that is produced when a cell is perturbed by a stimulus. This creates models/clusters of microRNA that define the phenotypic response. The microRNA response is reproducible and is a robust marker defining the biological interaction between cell and the environment. The benefit is that microRNA profiling monitors pathway control of the entire biological system of the cell in a single assay. Data is kept to a minimum where as knowledge is greatly enhanced allowing more appropriate decisions to be taken. SistemRNATM analysis captures the dynamic response of all the cellular pathways as well as their interactions giving enhanced clarity without data overload.

About Sistemic Ltd - At the core of Sistemic lays a deep understanding of microRNA biology and profiling which in combination with customised in-house data analysis, and contextualisation programs provides a powerful tool to simplify the understanding of the biology. Sistemic's primary business is focussed on providing innovative, problem solving services and kit based products to the life sciences research and development markets.

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