Sinclair, IS Pharma in merger talks

Sinclair Pharma and IS Pharma are in advanced discussions regarding a possible merger to form a fully integrated pan-European specialty pharmaceutical company. The resulting company would be called Sinclair IS Pharma. News of the possible merger drove shares of IS up 13 percent, according to

According to Pharmabiz, the merger would come about through an all-share offer by Sinclair. If the merger gains required regulatory approvals, Sinclair shareholders would own 62.4 percent and IS Pharma shareholders would own 37.6 percent of the resulting company.

The company would be headquartered in the UK with direct commercial operations in the that country, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Ireland. The combined group would continue to focus in specialty pharma, notably dermatology and specialist hospital therapies, including supportive oncology, critical care and wound care.

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