Shire's Fosrenol flunks mid-stage trial for CKD

Researchers for Shire say that the chronic kidney disease drug Fosrenol failed to hit its primary endpoint in a mid-stage study. The primary endpoint focused on the control of serum phosphate to within normal levels. But the company highlighted the fact that the data indicates that the drug can effectively reduce serum phosphate levels in chronic kidney disease patients not on dialysis.

"This study provides valuable insights into the evolution of kidney disease and the development of the hyperphosphatemic state in patients with CKD," said Raymond Pratt, vice president and scientific leader for the Renal Business Unit of Shire Pharmaceuticals. "There is a paucity of data in this population and this study marks an important step toward learning more about the management of this patient population--and importantly, shows that a little bit of kidney function still goes a long way to maintain phosphate balance."

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