Shionogi, GSK move HIV drug into PhIII

GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE: GSK) and partner Shionogi say they are bringing their once-daily, unboosted investigational integrase inhibitor, S/GSK1349572 into Phase III trials. According to an announcement, ‘572 will be the only such product so far along in development. 

The companies' decision is based on promising results from two Phase IIb trials, SPRING-1 and VIKING, being presented this week at the XVIII International AIDS Conference in Vienna, Austria. If it performs well in tests, analysts believe '572 could reach the market in 2013, according to Reuters. Furthermore, success with '572 could signal the re-emergence of GSK as a significant player to rival Gilead in the HIV arena, according to Sanford Bernstein analyst Geoffrey Porges. As Reuters notes, GSK was a long-time leader in the HIV field, but ceded this position to Gilead.

But GSK is aiming to bounce back. Last year, it joined with Pfizer to form a new joint company majority-owned by GSK, called ViiV Healthcare, with an eye on regaining market leadership. The new compound '572 is the first of two similar integrase inhibitors being developed by ViiV.

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