Selventa Announces a Research Agreement to Understand Mechanisms of Disease

Selventa Announces a Research Agreement to Understand Mechanisms of Disease

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – February 27, 2012 – Selventa™, a personalized healthcare company focused on stratification of patients and development of predictive biomarker panels based on disease-driving mechanisms, today announced a research agreement in the area of immunological disease with Janssen Research & Development, LLC. The focus of this multi-year research agreement includes development of disease models using diverse biologic data to elaborate disease-relevant mechanisms and identify potential new drug discovery opportunities.

"A past research project with an affiliate of Janssen R&D yielded a joint publication that sought to identify genes associated with intestinal permeability post anti-TNF therapy in ulcerative colitis," said David de Graaf, President and CEO of Selventa. "We are very excited to have the opportunity to continue to work with Janssen R&D. Building comprehensive disease models and investigating different molecular mechanisms may provide key data-driven foundations for appropriate selection of druggable mechanisms within a disease."

Selventa utilizes molecular patient data and computational methods to derive mechanistic understanding of disease biology and unambiguously identify patient subsets based on their disease-driving mechanisms to enable personalized healthcare. This includes assessment of single and combination therapies, segmentation of potential responder and non-responder populations, evaluation of alternative indications, and optimization of proof-of-concept clinical trial design through stratification biomarker panels.

About Selventa
Founded in 2002 and privately-held, Selventa collaborates with partners to match the optimal treatments for the right patients. The company analyzes molecular patient data to identify key disease-driving mechanisms and accelerates the development process to clarify therapeutic and diagnostic decisions through identification and development of biomarkers for patient stratification. Selventa engages in strategic relationships with leading pharmaceutical and life science companies including clinical research organizations, diagnostic companies and reference laboratories to enable personalized healthcare primarily in autoimmune diseases and oncology.  For more information, visit

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