Selexis to Provide Preclinical Services in Support of Zyngenia's Innovative Zybody Platform

Selexis to Provide Preclinical Services in Support of Zyngenia's Innovative Zybody Platform
Geneva, Switzerland, November 15, 2010 / b3c newswire / - Selexis SA ("Selexis") announced today a strategic agreement with Zyngenia Inc. (Zyngenia) under which Selexis will utilize its' industry-leading SURE Cell Line Development PlatformTM to generate production cell lines for Zyngenia's lead ZybodyTM therapeutic programs.


"We are excited to support Zyngenia in the rapid advancement of their lead ZybodyTM products," said Dr. Igor Fisch, CEO and co-founder of Selexis SA.   "It's rare in today's biotech environment to find a truly innovative antibody platform such as Zyngenia's, where multiple disease targets can be addressed with a single protein therapy".


"We recognize the importance of incorporating industry-leading technologies in the development of our products and are pleased to be working with the experts at Selexis" adds David Hilbert, PhD, Head of Research and Development, Zyngenia, Inc. "Selexis' technological focus, aggressive development strategies, and commercial flexibility were important factors in our choice of providers in this area."



About Zyngenia, Inc. -

Founded in 2008, Zyngenia, Inc. is a privately held biotherapeutics company focused on the development of next-generation multi-specific antibody-based therapeutics. The Company uses proprietary patented technology to engineer single molecular entities that may interact with two or more targets. The multiple target strategy may create opportunities for innovative therapeutics with new mechanisms of action that are not achievable with single specificity antibodies. The company will initially focus its ZybodyTM development on therapies for various cancers and autoimmune disorders while emphasizing cost-effective discovery, manufacturing and clinical development practices. Zyngenia is headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland. For more information, visit


About Selexis SA -

Selexis is a privately held Swiss biotechnology company dedicated to the development of innovative technologies and expert services that enable significant improvements in the time, effort, and costs required to develop and maintain high-performance mammalian cell lines used in the expression of pharmaceutically relevant proteins (i.e. targets, MAbs, rProteins). The company's core intellectual property portfolio is based on the discovery and application of novel DNA based elements that control the dynamic organization of chromatin within all mammalian cells - Selexis Genetic ElementsTM. Selexis has further developed platforms, to include: Selexis SUREtech VectorsTM, Selexis SUREfectionTM Transfection Methods, Selexis SURE Cell Line DevelopmentTM and Selexis D2TM Variant Screening.


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