Scottish clinic to test Dimebon

Glasgow Memory Clinic (GMC) is enrolling patients to test Dimebon-a promising candidate to treat Alzheimer's that might help improve a patient's memory, cognition and the ability to care for him or herself, BBC News reports. More than 1,000 selected patients worldwide will take part in the CONCERT trial testing the drug, which is being evaluated in a joint effort between Medivation and Pfizer.

The two companies are studying Dimebon in patients who have been treated with Aricept (donepezil HCl), a leading treatment for Alzheimer's marketed by Pfizer and Eisai. "Concert is an important study because Dimebon is thought to work differently to current medications and this study will evaluate whether adding it to [Aricept], one of the most commonly used Alzheimer's medications[,] will provide a more effective symptomatic treatment to patients, stabilizing their condition and ultimately improving their quality of life," the BBC quotes GMC founder Fraser Inglis as saying.

Researchers at the Mood and Memory Clinic in Ann Arbor, Michigan, also are evaluating Dimebon, according to the Detroit News.

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