Schweizerhall: Impending Approval of Clopidogrel from Cimex in Germany

Schweizerhall: Impending Approval of Clopidogrel from Cimex in Germany

BASLE, Switzerland, May 8, 2008. 18.00 hrs. --- The decentralized approval procedure of clopidogrel developed by Cimex AG (original product: Plavix® / Iscover® by Bristol-Myers Squibb / Sanofi-Aventis) has successfully been completed.

“Clopidogrel developed by Cimex is the first alternative of this valuable medication available in Germany. We expect shortly a positive ruling from the German authorization agency for medicines and we plan to launch clopidogrel throughout the European Union in cooperation with marketing partners. A first license agreement with a major generics company was already concluded and the signing of a contract with another generics provider is imminent. We expect first sales already in the current quarter”, said Luzi A. von Bidder, Chairman of Schweizerhall Holding AG.

Antiplatelet agents such as clopidogrel inhibit the aggregation of blood platelets and are used to inhibit the formation or the growth of blood clots. In medical practice they are prescribed for the prevention and treatment of atherothrombotic events including cerebrovascular disease, coronary artery disease and peripheral vascular disease.

Besides Germany, clopidogrel could also obtain its marketing authorization in Luxembourg within the second quarter of 2008. Applications for approval in additional European countries are in preparation. The European market for clopidogrel is currently about CHF 3.2 billion (EUR 2 billion), of which Germany accounts for CHF 600 million.

Cimex AG Cimex AG is a Swiss-based specialty generics group, offering the generics industry a complete service range from product development and registration through to sourcing, manufacturing, packaging and logistics. Specialized in solid slow-release forms the Cimex Group supplies leading generics companies throughout Europe. Based in Liesberg and Basel, the Group employs 220 staff. Group net revenues in 2007 amounted to CHF 135 million, which represents an increase of 24% year-on-year.

Schweizerhall – a focused pharma group Schweizerhall is a company focused on pharmaceuticals. Active in generics and specialty pharma, Schweizerhall specializes in the development, registration and manufacturing of generic and patent-protected pharmaceuticals using advanced galenical formulation technologies. With a focus on solid slow-release forms (Cimex) and on therapeutic systems for transdermal applications such as patches, bio-degradable and subcutaneous implants (Novosis), Schweizerhall supplies the leading generics and pharmaceuticals companies throughout Europe. The Schweizerhall Group is headquartered in Basle, currently employs approximately 320 staff and generates annual net revenues of over CHF 180 million. Schweizerhall Holding Ltd., the Group’s parent, is listed on the SWX Swiss Exchange (Swiss security number: 2119090; Telekurs / Bloomberg: SWHN; Reuters: SWHN.S).

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