Savi Announces New SmartChain Supply Chain Solutions For Chemical, Oil & Gas, And Aerospace & Defense Businesses

Savi Announces New SmartChain Supply Chain Solutions For Chemical, Oil & Gas, And Aerospace & Defense Businesses
January 25, 2010

Mountain View, CA - Savi, a Lockheed Martin company and leading provider of wireless supply chain and asset management solutions for the largest organizations worldwide, recently announced Savi SmartChain software solutions customized for optimizing operations in the oil and gas, chemicals and defense supplier industries.

The Savi SmartChain Enterprise Platform and Asset Management suite provides actionable knowledge powered by real-time data from devices equipped with all types of Auto-ID technologies, which can be attached to mobile or stationary assets in the following industries:


  • Transportation and distribution (downstream) sector of the chemicals industry, where Savi information helps users to safely contain, load, transport and distribute products all over the world.
  • Exploration and production (upstream) sector of the oil and gas industry, where Savi helps supply chain operations to safely search for, recover and produce crude oil and natural gas.

•Supplier sector of the aerospace and defense industry, where Savi helps manufacturers to safely deploy complex weapons, supply and support systems for departments of defense worldwide.


With SmartChain, operational supplies and equipment can be automatically identified, located and managed while they are moved one place to another. As a result, customers can expect to reduce the cost of asset management, improve readiness, achieve greater business confidence, and reduce the number of unexpected, unplanned or unpredicted operational events.

Executives in the above industries who are uncertain about the location of their assets, uncomfortable with the state of their asset management systems, or concerned about the potential for a business-debilitating operational failure can get more information here.

"We're already making a difference for customers in multiple industries," said David Stephens, chief executive officer of Savi Technology. "We're experts at remote wireless sensing, real-time reporting and analysis, complete integration of our solution with other information systems, and maintaining and improving what we deliver. Now our SmartChain suite can go to work to reduce costs and improve operational performance in the most dynamic sectors of the oil and gas, chemical, and aerospace and defense industries."

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Savi is a leading provider of supply chain information and technology solutions and services. These capabilities include real-time solutions based on active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and other Automatic Identification and Data Capture technologies that improve the visibility, management and security of supply chain assets, shipments and consignments. For more information, visit