Sanofi's GLP-1 drug tops Victoza in after-meal glucose control; Novo's diabetes treatment spurs weight loss;

> Sanofi's ($SNY) lixisenatide, marketed in Europe as Lyxumia, outperformed Novo Nordisk's ($NVO) Victoza in lowering post-prandial blood sugar when both were added to the insulin Lantus. News

> Eli Lilly ($LLY) and Boehringer Ingelheim announced that a fixed-dose combination of the SGLT-2 blocker empagliflozin and the DPP-4 inhibitor linagliptin reduced blood glucose better than each agent alone. More

> A 3-mg dose of Novo Nordisk's liraglutide (marketed as Victoza) showed significantly greater weight loss than placebo in a 56-week trial on obese patients with Type 2 diabetes. The company has submitted FDA and European applications to get the drug approved as a weight-loss treatment. Item

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