Samaritan posts strong Phase II HIV results

Las Vegas-based Samaritan Pharmaceuticals has announced positive Phase IIb data for its oral HIV entry inhibitor SP-01A. The therapy is being developed for HIV drug resistance and is designed to be used in conjunction with primary antiretroviral treatment. In the study, subjects taking SP-01A showed a reduction in the amount of viral infection in their blood, making it the third Phase II trial in which SP-01A has demonstrated its effectiveness. Samaritan said it will submit the data to the FDA and EMEA.

Dr. Greeson, CEO of Samaritan Pharmaceuticals stated, "We are very encouraged by these results. These results are not only positive for SP-01A as an adjunctive therapy; it also suggests to us that SP-01A might have potential alone as an entry inhibitor coupled with just one 'killer' antiretroviral drug."

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