RxTrials Announces Hiring Of Yvonne McCracken As VP Of Clinical Operations And Compliance

ELLICOTT CITY, Md., Sept. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- RxTrials, a leading international Investigative Site Network (ISN) and consulting firm, has named Yvonne McCracken, MPH to the position of Vice President of Clinical Operations and Compliance. McCracken, who has 22 years' experience owning and managing sites, will be responsible for ensuring ongoing operational excellence from RxTrials' network of 15 sites in a diverse range of specialty areas.

"Yvonne is a very well-known and well-respected figure in our industry," said Adam Chasse, RxTrials' Chief Operating Officer. "Our sponsor and CRO clients will benefit from her vast knowledge of research site operations, as will our rapidly expanding site network. As clinical trials become increasingly complex, and with sponsors and CROs routinely using multiple RxTrials sites on those trials, having Yvonne at the helm of our delivery will ensure that our clients achieve high quality and timely enrollment."

McCracken will work with RxTrials' sites in two ways. She will collaborate with the sites to create an integrated study plan during feasibility to ensure that the network operates seamlessly, and she will also work individually with each site to execute each study plan, including compliance management. In addition, McCracken will be instrumental in developing and implementing corporate strategies across functional lines.

"I am excited with this opportunity to work with the outstanding research sites in our network," added McCracken. "I have every expectation that we will build on RxTrials' reputation for exceptional performance with our partner sites. Our commitment to subject safety as well as access to increased numbers of patient lives ensure that we will continue to achieve excellence in recruitment and retention."

McCracken began her role in June and will be based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

About RxTrials

RxTrials, Inc. (www.rxtrialsinc.com) is a pioneer in the site management industry and has provided expertise to its network of premier clinical research sites for more than 20 years. RxTrials has conducted thousands of Phase II-III studies and numerous vaccine studies that have helped bring new drugs, vaccines, and medical devices to market. The company offers the industry a single point of contact for study procurement, site feasibility, and budget and contract negotiations as well as centralized administrative, compliance, and management services. RxTrials is also a leading consulting and training company that provides strategic, operational, and administrative solutions to research sites, sponsors, and CROs.

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