Roche touts corporate Tamiflu stockpiling; Europe takes a stand against anemia drugs;

> In what could prove a savvy marketing move, Roche is looking to big companies for the next round of Tamiflu sales. Report

> European regulators are taking a stand against anemia drugs. The European Medicines Agency says cancer patients with a "reasonably long life-expectancy" should get blood transfusions instead of taking the meds, such as Amgen's Aranesp and Johnson & Johnson's Eprex (sold in the U.S. as Procrit). EMEA report

> The big antitrust investigation going on in Europe is just getting bigger. Watchdogs have started questioning distribution companies, trade groups, trading companies, and others. Report

> They said they would, and now they have: two Democratic Congressmen have introduced a bill that explicitly allows consumers to sue medical device makers under state law. Preemption report

And Finally... A breast cancer vaccine being developed by the University of Pennsylvania is showing promise. Report