Roche bounces back from rough 2010; Idera psoriasis treatment put on clinical hold;

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> The Wall Street Journal's Goran Mijuk praises Roche CEO Severin Schwan's "more bullish outlook and his confident pipeline prognosis," as the company continues to strengthen after a difficult 2010. Piece

> The European Medicines Agency has accepted Santhera Pharmaceuticals' marketing authorization application for its Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy treatment, idebenone. The disease, which causes blindness, currently has no approved therapies to reverse vision loss. Santhera release

> Idera Pharmaceuticals reports that its investigational new drug application for IMO-3100 will be placed on clinical hold by the FDA, according to verbal communication with the agency. The psoriasis treatment has completed two Phase I trials, and had proposed a Phase II trial. Idera release

> As Icon takes on Pfizer's Sandwich, U.K. work as part of an outsourcing deal, the company has agreed to accept Pfizer's staff, but not its facilities. Parexel, which has a similar deal with Pfizer, has not disclosed whether it will absorb the existing facilities as part of its agreement. News

> Approximately 245 jobs will be created in East Cork, Ireland as Sangart builds its new European headquarters in the area. Of those jobs, 125 will come from construction and another 120 from manufacturing positions. Article

> Santa Rosa, CA-based Sapheon has enrolled 30 patients in a single-arm study of the Sapheon Closure System, which is designed to treat saphenous vein reflux disease. According to the company, no adverse effects were seen, and patients experienced relief from their symptoms within 24 hours. Sapheon release

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> Lilly eyes vet assetts; Pfizer says all or nothing. More

> AZ: No plans for followup on Brilinta-aspirin link. News

> J&J board blames woes on middle managers, staff cuts. Article

> Merck amps up in China with Simcere JV. Report

And Finally... A biotech company, code named "Project Big," is considering a move to Sarasota County, FL, which would establish 356 jobs within three years in the area. Report