Ricerca Announces Business Development Agreement with LSP Co., Ltd.

Ricerca Announces Business Development Agreement with LSP Co., Ltd. 

CONCORD, Ohio - (Business Wire) Ricerca Biosciences, a preclinical contract research drug development company, is pleased to announce a business development agreement with Life Science Partner (LSP) Co., Ltd., of Tokyo, Japan. Ricerca offers a unique spectrum of services for the areas of agrochemical registration, environmental analysis and pre-investigational new drug (IND) biopharmaceutical registration.

The collaboration and settlement grants LSP the ability to market the full spectrum of services offered by Ricerca to those companies represented by LSP, increasing the Japanese, Korean and overall Asian markets for Ricerca. With the goal of providing a complete set of abilities for the registration of crop protection compounds, pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals for governments across the globe, the addition of Ricerca is an important component for LSP and their represented companies.

"Ricerca's services, experience and quality make us confident in the expansion of the business for Ricerca. We also believe our collaboration will largely help our customers develop new compounds and products for tomorrow and will provide higher value to meet customer needs," stated LSP Executive Director, Hiroko Suzuki.

"It is our pleasure to collaborate with LSP. Their business model is unique and is embraced by the Japanese industry with a cost-effective and rapid turnaround time for laboratory studies. With Ricerca's capabilities in radiolabled synthesis, animal and plant metabolism, environmental fate, mammalian toxicology and microbiology, we truly provide LSP with a significant advantage in their service offerings," said Ricerca Vice President of Business Development and Marketing, Mark Crane. "All of our services are complemented by our 25 years of experience in laboratory studies for global regulatory acceptance."

About Ricerca Biosciences

Ricerca Biosciences is the only North American CRO that takes pharmaceutical and biotech companies straight through from IP to IND. Our state-of-the-art facility, combined with over 300 scientists and support staff, provides all of the discovery and development services required to bring target or drug candidates to complete IND submission. Ricerca's unique ability to seamlessly integrate chemistry and biology, along with report writing and regulatory services at one location allows companies to achieve their preclinical destination-faster and without any detours.


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