Rib-X Appoints MedImmune's Peter Greenleaf to Board

Rib-X Appoints MedImmune's Peter Greenleaf to Board

NEW HAVEN, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan 20, 2010 - Rib-X Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a development-stage antibiotics company with a broad product pipeline based on its innovative discovery platform, today announced the appointment of Peter Greenleaf to the Company's Board of Directors, succeeding Tony Zook.

Mr. Greenleaf is the senior vice president of commercial operations, corporate development & strategy at MedImmune Inc., and is also accountable for MedImmune Ventures, a corporate venture capital fund within the AstraZeneca/MedImmune group of companies.

Mr. Greenleaf joined MedImmune from Centocor, Inc., where he served as franchise vice president, responsible for sales, marketing, strategic planning and business development. Previously, he served in sales and marketing capacities with Boehringer Mannheim Corporation and US Healthcare, Inc. Mr. Greenleaf holds a bachelor of science degree from Western Connecticut State University and a master's degree in business administration from St. Joseph's University.

"Rib-X is very excited that Mr. Greenleaf has joined our Board. His extensive commercial and strategic expertise and depth of hands-on experience in pharmaceutical sales and marketing is invaluable to Rib-X as we move our lead antibiotic programs into late-stage development" said Susan Froshauer, Ph.D., Founder and the President and Chief Executive Officer of Rib-X Pharmaceuticals.

About Rib-X

Rib-X Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has an industry-leading pipeline of novel antibiotics targeting multidrug-resistant infections in significant and growing segments of the $25 billion antibiotics market. The Rib-X product portfolio has four core programs including two late-stage product candidates, Delafloxacin and Radezolid, both potential best-in-class antibiotics being developed in market-preferred intravenous and oral formulations for maximum flexibility. The foundation of the Rib-X product portfolio is its proven discovery technology, the Ribosome Antibiotic Binding "RABTM" platform, using Nobel-prize-winning knowledge of ribosomal structure and mechanisms of antibiotic binding to create new chemical classes of antibiotics for a wide range of multidrug-resistant bacterial infections.



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