Rib-X antibiotic results prompt search for partner

New Haven, CT-based Rib-X is touting results from a Phase II clinical trial of radezolid, a treatment for mild to moderate community-acquired pneumonia. In a study of 160 patients at three different dose levels, the company found that those taking radezolid clinical cure rates ranging from 78 percent to 92 percent. The only notable side effect of the drug was mild gastrointestinal upset. In an interview with Xconomy, CEO Susan Froshauer noted that radezolid didn't suppress bone marrow the way other drugs in its class have been known to do.

Though Rib-X has raised $148 million in the last eight years, it still needs more money to expand the drug to Phase III trials. "We are active in partnering discussions, and it's a key part of our strategy," Froshauer told Xconomy. Rib-X would like to investigate the drug for other infections, including complex skin infections and drug-resistant pneumonia. The company is also looking to collaborate on a second antibiotic called delafloxacin that's also ready for Phase III testing.

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