Revalesio Presents Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s Disease Research at National Neurology Conference

TACOMA, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Revalesio Corporation, a pioneering biotechnology company, and Rush University will present research on the use of RNS60 in Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease at the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) meeting April 9-16 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

“The data we’re presenting at AAN supports our work in establishing RNS60 as a strong therapeutic candidate across multiple inflammatory diseases,” said Dr. Richard Watson, M.D., Director of Clinical Research at Revalesio. “These findings, combined with the research recently presented at the American Society for Neurochemistry and American Academy of Asthma Allergy and Immunology, create a strong foundation for our development of novel CSN-based therapeutics to improve the outcomes of patients with inflammatory diseases. Combined with the excellent safety profile of RNS60 to date, the findings make a strong case for testing RNS60 in clinical trials,” said Dr. Watson.

Revalesio will present data at the national conference from studies in multiple preclinical models of Multiple Sclerosis that demonstrated a significant reduction in disease scores related to the use of RNS60. These results identify the strong potential of RNS60 as a low-risk therapeutic for treating Multiple Sclerosis.

Revalesio will also present data related to Alzheimer’s disease. In a well-established cell culture model of the disease, RNS60 dose-dependently inhibited the activation of a protein called Tau. Tau activation is a known cause behind the generation of neurofilament tangles often found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients and is widely considered to be a contributor to the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. RNS60 also protected neurons challenged with beta-amyloid from apoptosis (cell death).

About charge-stabilized nanostructures (CSN)

Revalesio has pioneered the novel use of CSN to alter whole cell conductance through effects on voltage-gated ion channels and other voltage-sensing proteins, thereby modulating the expression of G protein-coupled receptors and the secretion of cytokines, chemokines, and adhesion molecules. These changes to whole cell conductance reduce inflammatory signals that are linked to numerous diseases.

About Revalesio Corporation:

Revalesio is a pioneering biotechnology company dedicated to restoring hope and transforming lives. Founded in 2000 and based in Tacoma, Washington, Revalesio has partnered with leaders in biomedical research around the world. Revalesio has an extensive patent portfolio on a novel class of anti-inflammatory products and is pioneering the use of CSN in neuro-inflammatory, respiratory, cardiovascular, and other inflammatory diseases. For more information about Revalesio, visit


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