Research and Markets: Biomarker Research in Parkinson's Disease

DUBLIN -- Research and Markets
has announced the addition of Future Medicine Ltd's new report "Biomarker Research in Parkinson's Disease" to their offering.

The concept of 'personalized medicine' has reached the forefront of neurodegenerative diseases. There is a need for objective markers of Parkinson's disease that can indicate the biological processes underlying each variant of the disease. In this way, variant-specific trial enrollment is promoted and, in the future, successful treatment plans can be devised.

The October issue of Biomarkers in Medicine covers several aspects of Parkinson's disease biomarker research, including relevance and classification, functional analysis of neural tissue, interrogation of biological fluids, and assessment of genetic traits. In addition, the issue features unique reports from the perspectives of funding agencies and venture capitalists.

Key Topics Covered:


Biomarker research in Parkinson's disease: objective measures needed for patient stratification in future cause-directed trials Michael G Schlossmacher, Brit Mollenhauer


Imaging dopamine transporters in Parkinson's disease
Olfaction as a biomarker in Parkinson's disease
Problems associated with fluid biomarkers for Parkinson's disease
Quantification of a-synuclein in cerebrospinal fluid as a biomarker candidate: review of the literature and considerations for future studies
Urate: a novel biomarker of Parkinson's disease risk, diagnosis and prognosis
Autosomal recessive mutations in the development of Parkinson's disease


Biomarkers in Parkinson's disease: a funder's perspective
Biomarkers in Parkinson's disease: a venture capitalist's perspective

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