Repros shares soar on FDA request; Erytech gains orphan drug status;

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>  The FDA has asked Repros Therapeutics to suggest a label that can better define the population that stands to benefit for its male infertility drug Androxal, and investors responded by sending its share price soaring. Repros release

>  Warner Chilcott says that the FDA has denied approval of a low-dose contraceptive, citing manufacturing issues. But the company says that no safety or efficacy issues were raised. Warner release

>  Erytech Pharma's experimental therapy for acute-lymphoblastic leukemia has won orphan drug status from the FDA. Story

>  The FDA has extended the PDUFA deadline for Sepracor's epilepsy drug Stedesa from January 30 to April 30. Report

>  Abraxis BioScience is confirming plans to spinoff Abraxis Health this morning and named a slate of executives involved in the project. Report

>  The Massachusetts Life Sciences Center has approved up to $3 million in new matching grants. Story

>  Domainex and Pharmidex announced today the formation of a strategic alliance, combining their expertise and innovative technologies to provide the market with an integrated drug discovery services platform. Release

Pharma News

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> It's that time of year again: Earnings season. Over the next several weeks pharma firms big and small will be reporting their performance numbers for last quarter and all of 2009. Today, we see that AstraZeneca boosted profits by 23 percent, but expects 2010 to be an uphill climb. Eli Lilly and Bristol-Myers Squibb were also among today's announcements. Earnings round-up

> It looks as if 2010 will be another big year for emerging-markets M&A. As the Wall Street Journal Health Blog reports, Abbott Laboratories is looking to grow its "geographic footprint," and it's on the lookout for deals that would augment its operations around the world, especially in emerging markets. Abbott report

> Some lawmakers may be ready to throw healthcare reform under the bus, but the drug industry is still behind the overhaul. David Brennan, AstraZeneca CEO and chairman of PhRMA this year, says that the group hasn't pulled its support for the Senate reform bill. Report

Vaccines News

> Each year, more than half a million children around the world die from rotavirus infection--more than half of them in sub-Saharan Africa. But now two new studies conclude that a widespread vaccination campaign in developing countries could save most of their lives. Report

> The four finalists for an $88 million project to build a new facility in Canada to produce an HIV vaccine say the government has left them in the dark about the reasons why no one has been selected as a winning bidder. Story

> Metastatic prostate cancer patients who received a vaccine of poxviruses engineered to spur an immune system attack on prostate tumor cells lived more than eight months longer those receiving a placebo, according to researchers at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Report

> The departing CEO of Novartis has a word of warning for countries that are clamoring to cancel huge shipments of swine flu vaccine: Keep up your end of the bargain today, he says, or expect some significant trouble laying your hands on vaccine supplies the next time you find yourself facing a pandemic. Story

> The NIH has been supporting the research work of a scientist at the University of Central Florida who's been developing a low-cost, dual vaccine for malaria and cholera using genetically engineered tobacco and lettuce plants. Report

And Finally... Scientists are now able to map the exact color of dinosaur feathers. Release