Newsletter Offers Information to Support Business Planning and Revenue Forecasting

CHATHAM, NJ – Rhonda Greenapple, president and founder of Reimbursement Intelligence, has recently created a quarterly newsletter, RI Monitor, to aid investors and emerging biotechnology companies in their efforts in preparing for and addressing reimbursement challenges that will influence the commercial success of their products.

 “Great medical innovations don’t always result in blockbuster products,” says Greenapple.  “Without an effective access and reimbursement strategy, even the best science can fail in the marketplace.”  The newsletter’s goal is to provide an informed source for reimbursement trends, news and strategies that will help readers negotiate their way through the multifaceted process of developing, investing in, and successfully marketing medical innovations.

 In the premier issue, Greenapple discusses the following topics: Medicare Part D and Biologics, Off-Label Journal Articles, Reimbursement Due Diligence, Winning Pharmacy & Therapeutics Launch Plans, and Management Trends in Oncology and Off-Label Use.  The author also provides readers with a Reimbursement Readiness Checklist to help during the development and due diligence process for their product.  Please download the Reimbursement Monitor below or enter  For more information, or to speak with Rhonda Greenapple, please call 973-805-2300.

 Based in Chatham, New Jersey, Reimbursement Intelligence is uniquely qualified to provide information and services for emerging medical innovations and the biocapital resources that fund them. 
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