Regis Technologies Expands Applications for Its Chiral Columns

Regis Technologies Expands Applications for Its Chiral Columns

Polysaccharide and Pirkle-type Columns Proved Useful for Numerous Methods 

Morton Grove, Illinois -- February 23, 2010. Regis Technologies, Inc., a leader in chiral separations serving the analytical and preparative needs of chromatographers worldwide, developed numerous applications for its RegisCell®,  RegisPack® and Whelk-O®1 chiral columns, proving they are a viable solution for many chiral separation problems.

The Regis Chiral Screening Laboratory demonstrated the applicability of polysaccharide and Pirkle-type columns in numerous methods and recent beta testing by large pharmaceutical organizations yielded excellent evaluation when compared to other cellulose- and amylose-based columns.

Regis offers free chiral screening of samples using its RegisCell and RegisPack polysaccharide columns, Whelk-O1 Pirkle-type column and ChiroSil® Crown-Ether columns. The complimentary screening, which involves a number of additional chiral phases more specific in selectivity, enables scientists to determine the appropriate column for a specific application, as well as to compare results using Regis columns with results using other columns.

Regis columns, available in phases from analytical to bulk, offer an affordable choice for quality columns that deliver superior separations and excellent selectivity. All Regis chiral columns are available at the same cost for both SFC and HPLC analyses.

Regis Technologies also offers SFC Separation Services.  As a manufacturer of chiral stationary phases, Regis solves separation problems at a lower cost with valuable chiral expertise in method development and scale up.
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