Radius plans to cut loose oncology assets

Breast cancer awareness month
Radius Health is looking to back away from its breast cancer work. (Pongasn68/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

Radius says it will double down on osteoporosis and endocrine diseases as looks to offload its cancer work.

In its financials out late Tuesday, Radius said it was “considering all strategic options for its oncology assets to maximize their potential,” adding that “the value of Radius’ oncology assets is expected to be most effectively realized by an oncology focused company with strong capabilities in this area.”

This includes its phase 3 cancer drug elacestrant, which is currently in tests for breast cancer. Radius said it will continue to enroll patients in its Emerald phase 3 with completion of recruitment set for the third quarter next year.

But it adds: “Radius does not plan to initiate further clinical development for elacestrant or RAD140 [its phase 1 nonsteroidal selective androgen receptor modulator] beyond the ongoing Emerald study.”

As it looks to divest in cancer, the biotech “will build on its strong scientific foundation and successful commercial franchise in osteoporosis to accelerate its growth and sharpen its strategic focus in targeted endocrine diseases.”

It will also look to boost work here through in-licensing and partnerships to “expand its clinical pipeline and commercial assets in high potential targeted endocrine diseases.”

This is something of an about-face for the company given that just a year ago, it hired ex-AstraZeneca cancer R&D exec Charles Morris to become its new chief medical officer and oversee the company’s expansion into oncology.