Quintiles Launches New Capabilities to Enable BioPharma Success in Asia

Quintiles Launches New Capabilities to Enable BioPharma Success in Asia
Strategic Drug Development and Consulting Practices Provide Knowledge-Based Approach

SINGAPORE, Feb 12, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- To help biopharmaceutical companies navigate the complexities of the Asia market, Quintiles today launched two unique services -- Strategic Drug Development and Consulting at Quintiles -- to bolster the probability of success in developing and commercializing new medications in the region.

Quintiles' new Strategic Drug Development organization was designated specifically to help BioPharma companies design and implement drug development strategies that take into account the Asia product commercialization opportunity and regulatory hurdles in advance of the standardized development process.

"Beyond simply helping customers meet their needs in the region, our goals are to help define them," said Amar Kureishi, Chief Medical Officer and Head of Strategic Drug Development for Quintiles in Asia. "Today marks the formal service launch, yet our world-class team already has worked with customers on more than 15 projects to transform their development aspirations into reality."

Also launched today is Consulting at Quintiles practice in Asia to help customers navigate the New Health by linking business strategy, industry expertise and data-driven insights within six practice areas to deliver transformational change. This unique amalgamation of strategy and operations across regulatory, clinical and commercial serves an unmet demand for comprehensive guidance on how to release the latent value locked in Asian assets and markets.

"Drug development and commercialization in Asia will benefit greatly from new, strategic approaches," said Christian Gabel, Ph.D., Vice President and Head of Consulting at Quintiles Asia. "Quintiles draws on expertise and lessons learned from 30 years of product development and commercialization in the West to bring differentiated approaches to companies in the East. We are introducing new strategic consulting services to the Asia market, such as our Health Technology Assessment that deploys social networking techniques to anticipate shifts in global market access and our Market Accelerator end-to-end solution to transpose local drugs to global markets."

Commenting on Quintiles' news, Healthcare Associate Research Director Jay Chandran with leading business research and consulting firm, Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific, said, "Anticipating the business needs of its biopharmaceutical customers, Quintiles is making the right move to expand its Consulting and Strategic Drug Development groups in Asia at this time to provide deep life-science expertise to help clients design the right strategies for the challenges they face in this market."

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