Quark prepares for human trials of siRNA therapy

Quark Pharmaceuticals says the FDA has approved its IND application for DGFi, an experimental siRNA drug for kidney transplant patients. "We are pleased with the FDA acceptance of our DGFi IND application for prevention of delayed graft function, which is a very serious medical issue for kidney transplant patients," said Shai Erlich, Ph.D., chief development officer of Quark. "This is an important milestone for us. It marks Quark's third clinical program and the second in which our siRNA drug is administered systemically to patients. This achievement provides further validation of Quark's RNAi based drug discovery approach."

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Correction: Originally, this report incorrectly stated that Quark Pharmaceuticals had licensed the siRNA therapy DGFi from Silence Therapeutics. The license is for rights to the AtuRNAi structure, not the therapy. The composition and concept for DGFi were internally developed by Quark.