PuraMed BioScience, Inc. Retains the Services of Lone Wolf Inc, dba LWI for Social Media Marketing Campaign

SCHOFIELD, Wis., March 10, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PuraMed BioScience, Inc. (OTCQB:PMBS) has made a commitment to reach out and connect with those that are in need of finding relief from migraine headaches and the symptoms related to them, via social media. With the anticipated PuraMed BioScience, Inc. retail roll-out and release of clinical study results, PuraMed BioScience is stressing the importance of social media by retaining the services of Lone Wolf Inc, dba LWI, a San Diego-based leading provider of social and digital marketing solutions. LWI will assist in increasing awareness of LipiGesic(TM) M throughout numerous social networks.

Social media is a powerful tool that allows companies to engage consumers in daily, real time, two-way conversations about their products and services. Companies such as PuraMed, through this new engagement tool, can now find the customers that need their products and offer relief in a more interpersonal setting. This power of engagement not only helps the business locate their prospects using a rifle approach versus the traditional shotgun advertising of the past, but it also allows them to regularly communicate about their brand with their target audience in order to gain long-term customer loyalty.

LWI has instant access to more than 40 million social media users and will be locating conversations centered on migraine headaches and offer migraine headache sufferers the new LipiGesic M product that PuraMed has recently rolled out. They will also build support groups within Facebook and Twitter and ask those that suffer from not only the pain of the headaches, but the pain of the price for relief, to join and talk about their issues with the current relief model. These groups will provide PuraMed with a platform to explain the causes of these debilitating migraines and showcase the relief LipiGesic M offers.

"LWI has already begun to offer LipiGesic M to its many celebrity contacts who suffer from migraine headaches, and the feedback has been astounding," said Russell Mitchell, CEO of PuraMed BioScience. "These celebrities, through the help of LWI, may potentially become advocates of the product and share our compelling story with all their fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter."

"Because we already know this product works, we can see the opportunity PuraMed has to capture a market," said Eric Rice, CEO of LWI. "Some of our celebrity contacts have requested a sample and we have begun to receive positive feedback," said Eric Rice, CEO of LWI. "This success story needs to be told to the masses on a continuous basis, and so we believe LipiGesic M is a perfect fit for a social media campaign that is aimed at raising awareness of the product's benefits."

About Lone Wolf Inc, dba LWI:

Founded in July 2010, LWI is a leader in social and digital media marketing and consulting. Their services are known for providing access to a large, pre-built audience in the social media networks. The company's mission is to provide instant access to professional athletes, celebrities and potential consumers through various social networks while helping US companies build and monetize their own social media platforms. LWI currently serves clients throughout the United States. For more information about LWI, visit www.LWIpro.com.

About PuraMed BioScience, Inc.:

PuraMed BioScience, Inc. engages in the research, development and marketing of non-prescription medicinal and healthcare products. In addition to its leading product LipiGesic(TM) M, which provides acute relief from migraine headaches, the Company also has plans to launch LipiGesic(TM) PM that provides a remedy for insomnia and other sleep disorders as well as LipiGesic(TM) H for common tension headaches. For more information on PuraMed, visit the Company website at www.PuraMedBioScience.com, join the Company's group page on Facebook by searching "PuraMed BioScience" and follow the Company on Twitter at www.twitter.com/puramed. Currently, LipiGesic(TM) M may be purchased by calling 877-851-2190 or by visiting ww.mymigrainegone.com or www.lipigesic.com. The Company's two-minute direct response television commercial is available for viewing on these websites as well.