Proteome Sciences - Novel In-Vitro Assays Developed for Mandatory EU-wide Allergen Testing

Proteome Sciences - Novel In-Vitro Assays Developed for Mandatory EU-wide Allergen Testing

Significant progress towards goal of replacing animal testing for key allergens

24 November (Stuttgart: A0Z24E - news) 2011 - Proteome Sciences today announces that it has developed a number of novel in-vitro tests for chemical compounds and substances that induce allergies when they come into contact with the skin or the respiratory system. Testing for these allergens in products including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and detergents will become mandatory under EU legislation.

Proteome Sciences are presenting data from eight assays at the Sens-it-iv Scientific Congress in Brussels, 24-25 November 2011, showing excellent performance. Sens-it-iv is a European Commission project which began in 2005 and brings together companies and academic institutions with the aim of developing in vitro alternatives to animal tests, which are currently used for the risk assessment of potential skin or lung sensitizers. As well as reducing the use of animal testing, the programme is aimed at improving consumer safety and benefiting the environment.

Proteome Sciences was invited to join the Sens-it-iv project in 2009 to introduce a new proteomic biomarker approach to allergy testing. Progress has been rapid, with over 200 novel biomarkers discovered and patents filed for allergy testing in the immune system and skin cells. Development of the first eight TMT (Taiwan OTC: 3645.TWO - news) -SRM assays was completed in November 2011 in only four weeks. The assays have shown excellent performance and correlation with the discovery data.

The Sens-it-iv project has delivered outstanding results, with important commercial implications for Proteome Sciences. The Company has started to implement a full development process in accordance with the new European regulatory requirements. TMT-SRM assays will be made initially for the most important biomarkers for allergies to the skin and respiratory system and will be marketed to industrial manufacturers producing a wide range of products and substances to confirm the safety of their products. Proteome Sciences expects the biomarkers it has identified to lead to a range of novel industrial testing products and service contracts with potential future revenues for PS Biomarker ServicesTM using TMT-SRM assays for industrial applications and routine testing.

Christopher Pearce, Chief Executive of Proteome Sciences, commented:

"Although we came relatively late to the Sens-it-iv project, we have made a considerable contribution in a short period of time. Using the PS Biomarker ServicesTM platform, we identified and filed patents for over 100 biomarkers from cells in the immune system and more than 100 more from skin cells. We selected eight of these and developed TMT-SRM assays in just four weeks and these have shown excellent results.

"The Sens-it-iv programme demonstrates the output and performance of our biomarker services capabilities in a complex and groundbreaking application. Most importantly, the biomarker assays developed provide an 'in-vitro' alternative to animal testing that will become mandatory across the EU. This opens up major new commercial opportunities for our biomarker content and assays."


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