Prognosys Biosciences Addresses RNA-Seq Data Analysis Challenges and Offers New Cloud-Based Integrated Analysis Pipeline Read m

Voila! data analysis pipeline integrates state-of-the-art open source tools and in-house algorithms to analyze next-generation sequencing data.

La Jolla, CA (PRWEB) October 07, 2011

Prognosys Biosciences® is pleased to announce Voila!TM, a new cloud-based data analysis service for next-generation sequencing data. Voila! will be available initially for RNA sequencing projects that utilize data from Illumina® HiSeq and GAIIx next-generation sequencing instruments.

Researchers working with RNA sequencing data face many analysis challenges, ranging from the size and complexity of the datasets, to ensuring that alignment and downstream analysis tools strike the right balance between sensitivity and specificity.

Dr. Eugene Chudin of Prognosys explains how researchers can increase the efficiency of managing and utilizing their RNA-Seq data. According to Dr. Chudin, "Voila! reduces and transforms complex sequencing data into a more compact, uniform set of meaningful data tables that allows users to focus on integrative analysis of gene expression, splicing and genetic variation. For example, the output of Voila! can be read by a number of standard statistical packages."

To investigate RNA-Seq analysis more systematically, Prognosys developed a detailed data model that captures important sources of technical and biological variation. This was used to generate simulated data sets, enabling software to be tested and optimized using fully defined, representative data. In particular, we optimized Voila! to be robust to variation in sample genetic background and systematic alignment errors which if left unaddressed result in false positive variant and differential expression calls.

For more information about Voila! cloud-based data analysis services, please visit or contact info(at)prognosysbio(dot)com. Next generation sequencing services are also available through Sequensys®, a division of Prognosys Biosciences (

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Prognosys Biosciences is focused on the promising and rapidly developing field of personalized medicine. We develop novel genomic and proteomic technologies to enable research discoveries and clinical applications. Prognosys has extensive expertise in the areas of assay development and biomarker discovery, as well as implementation of next-generation sequencing technologies for the analysis of complex biological systems.


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