Priaxon Appoints Dr Constance Hoefer As Chief Development Officer

Munich, Germany, January 9, 2014 / B3C newswire / - Priaxon AG, a privately held pharmaceutical company developing novel small molecule agents for the modulation of protein-protein interactions, today announced the appointment of Dr Constance Hoefer as Chief Development Officer (CDO) of the Company. At Priaxon AG, Dr Hoefer will oversee the non-clinical and early clinical development.

Dr Hoefer has gained more than 20 years of international non-clinical development and management experience in academic and regulatory as well as industry roles in pharmaceutical and biotech companies. She started her industry career with Celltech in Cambridge, followed by increasingly responsible roles with Solvay Pharmaceuticals and Merck KGaA, before establishing an independent consultancy in 2006. Since then, she has contributed her know-how and experience to national and international clients ranging from government institution spin-outs to national and international pharma clients. Most recently, she was Vice President and Head of Non-Clinical Development at Medigene AG.

Dr Christoph Burdack, CEO of Priaxon AG, said: "We are very pleased that Dr Hoefer is joining our Company at a time when Priaxon AG is entering a new and exciting phase. The Company has very promising candidates for oncology and autoimmune disease indications in early development. Dr Hoefer brings the necessary experience and knowledge for the Company to successfully advance Priaxon AG's non-clinical programs towards the clinic."

"Priaxon AG's development programs are a result of the application of innovative technologies and first class science to drug R&D, and have generated a number of exciting compounds for further development," stated Dr Constance Hoefer, Chief Development Officer at Priaxon AG. "I look forward to advancing these early assets through a focused but comprehensive non-clinical development program to enable a smooth and rational transition to clinical testing phases." 

About Priaxon

Priaxon is an emerging pharmaceutical company building a pipeline of novel drug candidates in different therapeutic fields, but mainly focusing on protein-protein interactions in oncology and other diseases. Priaxon uses its unique and proprietary drug discovery technology platform Priaxplore® which employs novel methods of chemical synthesis and computational design to discover and develop new chemical entities as candidates for validated but hard-to-drug targets. 

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