PRESS RELEASE: Invitrogen Introduces Multiplex Kit for Stem Cells

Invitrogen Introduces Multiplex Kit for Stem Cells

Invitrogen Corporation, a provider of essential life science technologies for research, production and diagnostics, today announced the launch of a new kit that allows researchers to quickly and reliably monitor the state of human embryonic stem cells (hESCs). The STEMPRO(R) EZChek(TM) Multiplex PCR Kit allows scientists to monitor hESCs with one reaction, using fewer sample cells than ever before.

The most important characteristic of ESCs is their pluripotency, or ability to differentiate into all three primitive cell lineages in the body -- endoderm, ectoderm and mesoderm. Researchers working with hESCs must continually screen them to ascertain pluripotency. A preferred monitoring method is the use of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to amplify specific markers associated with pluripotency. PCR is a sensitive and early measurement of differentiation, but it requires the researcher to sacrifice sample cells, leaving fewer behind for research purposes.

The STEMPRO(R) EZChek(TM) Kit allows for the analysis of four early differentiation markers using a small sample and a single-tube reaction. Without the kit, researchers need to carry out five separate reactions in five tubes, using many more cells. In addition, the kit requires no extensive additional training to achieve desired results.

"The crux of any stem cell researcher's work is the ability to monitor the differentiation state of hESCs," said Joydeep Goswami, Vice President, Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine. "Unfortunately, current processes are laborious and consume more cells, a precious scientific resource. STEMPRO(R) EZChek(TM) makes this important step less time-consuming and less costly and allows researchers to assess whether the cells remain pluripotent or have differentiated into endoderm, ectoderm or mesoderm lineages."

Invitrogen is the premier supplier of tools and reagents for stem cell research. The company offers more than 1,200 products tailored to various parts of the stem cell research workflow for embryonic and adult stem cell populations, including Dynabeads(R) for cell separation; pre-conjugated stem cell antibodies from Molecular Probes; and gold standard media from GIBCO such as KNOCKOUT(TM) Serum Replacement and MesenPRO(TM) RS reduced serum medium for mesenchymal stem cells. The company recently announced the launch of STEMPRO(R) hESC SFM, a new fully-defined, serum-and feeder-free media specifically formulated for the growth and expansion of hESCs, and the STEMPRO(R) EZPassage(TM) tool for stem cell passaging.

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