PRESS RELEASE: AlgoNomics Appoints Philippe Stas as CEO

AlgoNomics Appoints Philippe Stas as CEO

Founder Dr. Ignace Lasters Remains CSO and Director of the Company

GHENT, Belgium -- AlgoNomics NV, the immunoprofiling company, announced today the promotion of Philippe Stas to Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Ignace Lasters, who previously held the position of CEO, will continue as Chief Scientific Officer and assume a role as director of the company.

Mr. Stas will concentrate on the continued global expansion of AlgoNomics as a specialty service provider for immunogenicity screening.

Since 1990, Mr. Stas was active in antibody engineering projects, immunology and bioinformatics research at the Brussels University VUB. Prior to joining AlgoNomics for its creation in 1999, Mr. Stas started his career at PE Genscope, a subsidiary of Perkin Elmer. Mr. Stas holds an M.Sc.E. in biotechnology and a Master in information technology. Most recently, Mr. Stas served as the company’s Chief Operating Officer and is the chairman of the Belgian Association of Bioindustries

Dr. Lasters, CSO of AlgoNomics: “Philippe has done an outstanding job in turning AlgoNomics into a leading immunoprofiling company. As CEO he will work out the important strategic options enabling future growth and success of the company.”

“This year has been exciting with the successful launch of our in vitro immunogenicity screening platform Epibase-IV,” comments Mr. Stas. “We will continue to build on our extensive know-how in addressing immunogenicity of protein therapeutics, and will advance the company through global expansion and a continued evaluation of novel technologies.”

About AlgoNomics

AlgoNomics is a Belgium based biotech company providing immunogenicity screening services to support the development of biotherapeutics in the broad field of immunotherapy. AlgoNomics owns a rich, proprietary platform for structure-based protein and peptide design. The technology platform contains innovative tools to unravel protein-protein and protein-peptide interactions.

AlgoNomics’ premier product is the Epibase® and Epibase-IV platforms for T-cell epitope identification in different population groups, applied in the discovery of vaccines and therapeutic proteins.