PPD claims top China CRO title as it opens vax center

PPD has opened a new vaccine research center in the heart of China's sprawling biotech hub, staking its claim as the biggest CRO in China on the same day that Charles River Laboratories unveiled its $1.6 billion acquisition of WuXi PharmaTech.

PPD opened the research complex in Taizhou China Medical City so it can host vaccine trials that require far more people than most other countries demand for a vax trial but with a far shorter amount of time needed for enrollment.

"The vaccines market is one of the fastest growing segments in the industry, and in China the clinical trial market is growing at about 20 percent each year," said Simon Britton, PPD's vice president of clinical development for Asia Pacific. "Our strong expertise in vaccine clinical research and large presence in China make us well positioned to help our clients ensure adherence to global standards while addressing unique requirements for monitoring vaccine studies."

PPD now has some 1,100 employees handling its CRO work in China, where it opened its first office only seven years ago.

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