Positive data paves way for ThromboGenics trial

ThromboGenics is touting data from a Phase IIb trial of microplasmin for vitreous injection, saying it resolved the underlying disease in close to a third of all patients in one dosage group without the need of a vitrectomy. And based on the results, the Belgian biotech says it will launch a Phase III trial by the end of this year or early in 2009.

The trial showed "a clear dose response curve with the highest dose of microplasmin delivering the best results. In this group, 10 of the 32 patients...had resolution of their underlying disease and therefore did not need a vitrectomy..." In the placebo group, only one out of 31 volunteers achieved the same outcome.

Microplasmin is an enzyme that cleaves important protein molecules which link the vitreous to the retina and therefore has the potential to facilitate vitrectomy and pharmacologically induce PVD, without the risks inherent in detaching the vitreous by surgical intervention.

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