PHT Corporation Expands ePRO System with Web-Based NetPRO(TM) for Large Clinical Trials and Post Approval Studies

PHT expands the proven PHT ePRO System with NetPRO to leverage patients' existing technology for collecting cost-effective patient experience data

BOSTON, Mass. and GENEVA, Switzerland - March 29 - PHT Corporation announced the availability of NetPROTM, a browser-based ePRO and eClinRO system that collects patient data via the Internet. PHT is the global innovator in ePRO and PRO solutions that maximize the collection of high-quality data from clinical trial patients.

NetPRO enables researchers to access a larger global patient population while reducing the costs of large Phase IV and extended post-market studies. Sponsors can use NetPRO to collect PRO data for regulatory submissions and label claims as well as for post-approval safety, observational, and registry studies. By leveraging a patient's own technology, NetPRO offers ease of use and cost benefits compared to other types of PRO methods.

PHT President and CEO Phil Lee said, "NetPRO is an extremely important eClinical solution, as it makes ePROs available to a much broader audience. It enables researchers to easily collect high-quality patient-reported outcome data directly from patients across the clinical development lifecycle to better track the efficacy of new therapies, in addition to assessing the real-world outcomes and long-term safety of approved medicines."

NetPRO sends data to StudyWorks® - PHT's proven backend system and Web portal - for data review, management and analysis by trial stakeholders. NetPRO is easily accessible through an Internet browser and can be used on patient-owned devices that connect to the Internet including Smartphones, iPADs and Netbooks.

PHT Vice President of Marketing Sheila Rocchio explained, "NetPRO is a significant demonstration of PHT's market leadership and innovation in offering sponsors a comprehensive range of options for collecting accurate patient data. Our customers are interested in having options for collecting ePROs using patient-owned technology and NetPRO meets that market need. NetPRO significantly reduces the trial startup timelines and costs associated with ePRO Systems and makes ePRO available to a broader set of researchers and patient populations."

NetPRO's key benefits:

  • Improved patient retention by simplifying the process of data collection;
  • Easy availability at both the site and patient's location, with ease of use and confidentiality assurance to elicit honest patient answers;
  • Timely and verified data entry with accurate timestamps, and no unplanned recall bias or prospective responses; and,
  •  Increased brand exposure for patients and clinicians participating in a trial, with a fully-configurable user experience for patients and doctors participating in the trial.

NetPRO meets the ePRO System Requirements set forth in the FDA PRO Guidance and Draft eSource Guidance which encourage sponsors to collect data directly from patients using electronic systems. Clinical professionals increasingly want to use the Internet to collect ePRO data for large clinical studies and post-market surveys, which makes NetPRO the ideal addition to the proven PHT ePRO System. 

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About PHT Corporation
PHT is the global innovator and experience leader in ePRO (electronic patient-reported outcome) systems that simplify clinical data management and streamline eClinical trials. Since 1994, patient experiences captured by PHT's ePRO System have been used successfully in over 465 global trials by more than 100 biopharmaceutical companies, resulting in at least 17 regulatory submissions and 14 approvals. The benefits ePRO systems provide to sponsors include reliable patient compliance; reduced data variance of PRO endpoints for smaller, more conclusive trials; and, decreased timelines from trial-end to data analysis. The consistently proven results for sponsors are significant R&D cost savings. For more information, review the educational content and interactive PHT ePRO System demonstrations at PHT's award-winning site 

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