The phase II trial data of Vertex’s CF drug raised eyebrows

July 5, 2012, USA, ( The vertex pharmaceutical company has announced its final results pertaining to the mid-stage phase II clinical trials of its combination study including its two effective cystic fibrosis (CF) medications, which is regarded to be a potent and revolutionary treatment approach. The company in the beginning had declared that almost 46% of patients afflicted with cystic fibrosis that include gene mutations of two copies experienced an enhancement in the activity and function of lung on treatment with the drug combination. And, the claims made by the drug maker within weeks of the first study approved that the exact improvement in the condition of the lung in the CF patients was around 35%. While, the current study claims that the patients receiving the drug combination (VX-809 and Kalydeco) for around 28 days (from day 28 to day 56) showed a statistically significant advancement of the lung activity in the homozygous test group as compared to those on placebo. As per the present results, the use of 600 mg Kalydeco and VX-809 in a combined form resulted in an overall 6.7% lung function improvement, which is a statistically significant figure. Also, the dosage of 600 mg of Kalydeco was the highest one included in the study and the information related to the other doses was not put forward creating a fuss about the study. But, this has initiated a doubt in the minds of the investors, who claim that the company was not providing the exact stern results of the interim and the final investigation report and its comparison, which led to a drastic fall of around 10% shares of the company. Chris Wright, senior vice president of the Vertex Company said that their main target point of focus is to develop supplementary medicines for curing the main cause of the debilitating cystic fibrosis and the information obtained from the study aid in putting the right step forward in achieving our target. For more: 4th lane, Fontana, California, USA-92337