Pharsight Launches Phoenix WinNonlin as Cornerstone of New Software Platform for Model-Based Drug Development

Pharsight Launches Phoenix WinNonlin as Cornerstone of New Software Platform for Model-Based Drug Development

Phoenix WinNonlin 6.0 Provides Enhancements to Industry-Standard PK/PD Analysis Tool, Adds New Interface and Workflow Management Engine

ST. LOUIS -- Pharsight, a market-leading provider of software and scientific services to improve productivity and decision-making in clinical drug development, today announced the launch of Phoenix WinNonlin, the next generation of the company's industry-standard software tool for pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) modeling and noncompartmental analysis. Phoenix WinNonlin 6.0 is the cornerstone of PhoenixTM, Pharsight's new desktop software platform that is designed to advance model-based drug development by providing an integrated environment for data analysis, modeling and simulation.

The major features of Phoenix WinNonlin 6.0 include a new graphical user interface that makes creation and re-use of PK/PD analysis workflows seamless and intuitive, powerful native graphics and improved data management tools. Phoenix WinNonlin will be backward-compatible with WinNonlin versions 4 and 5. Phoenix WinNonlin will continue to operate with Pharsight's enterprise PK/PD data management system, Pharsight Knowledgebase ServerTM (PKSTM), and can also be used independently of PKS.

In addition to the release of Phoenix WinNonlin 6.0, newly released Phoenix ConnectTM software integrates applications built on the Phoenix platform with commonly used third-party analysis and modeling tools such as S-PLUS®, NONMEM® and SAS®, and enables data import/export with emerging industry standards such as CDISC.

"The release of Phoenix WinNonlin represents an important milestone in Pharsight's vision for software to enable model-based drug development and its utility in translational science," said Daniel Weiner, Ph.D., senior vice president and chief technology officer of Pharsight. "Phoenix WinNonlin version 6.0 merges the trusted algorithms from WinNonlin with new powerful data management tools and high-quality graphics to support comprehensive PK/PD analysis. The Phoenix platform has been developed to provide a collaborative environment for drug development scientists and to shorten the learning curve to more complex and impactful modeling, which ultimately supports more confident and efficient clinical development decisions."

Concurrent with the release of Phoenix WinNonlin 6.0, Pharsight has also released version 4.0 of Pharsight Knowledgebase ServerTM (PKSTM). PKS is an enterprise data management system for secure storage and tracking of PK/PD data and analyses that is tightly integrated with Phoenix WinNonlin and earlier WinNonlin versions, as well as Pharsight's complementary software tools for PK analysis automation and reporting. The major features of PKS 4.0 include new web user interface enhancements for navigation of study and scenario data, improved data transfer utilities, and configurable data mining capabilities.

"Pharsight plans to release new Phoenix-enabled versions of all our products that process, analyze and report on pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic data to enable knowledge sharing and efficiencies across the PK/PD analytic spectrum," added Dr. Weiner. "In particular, we have had an excellent early response to the beta program for Phoenix NLMETM, our population PK/PD modeling tool currently under development that will optionally interface with Phoenix WinNonlin."

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Phoenix WinNonlin 6.0 is the next generation of Pharsight's industry standard software for PK/PD modeling and noncompartmental analysis. Phoenix WinNonlin improves scientific productivity during critical drug development tasks by providing a comprehensive analysis environment that implements efficient reusable workflows and high quality outputs to reduce barriers to learning and collaboration and to enable more impactful quantitative decision making. More information about Phoenix WinNonlin is available at

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