PharmaVigilant launches paysite - site payment system A

PharmaVigilant launches paysite - site payment system A
Win-win for sponsors and sites

PharmaVigilant, a clinical trial technology provider, today unveiled PaySite 2.0, a new Site Payment System that provides a complete dashboard to the sponsor, enabling them to program site payments based upon performance and individual site contracts. With PaySite, sponsors can determine payments made both graphically and within defined reports, and generate site letters defining the payouts and the criteria associated with the payment. Combined, this functionality streamlines the site payment process, improving the relationship between the sponsor and the site, as compensation is always top-of-mind in site/sponsor relationships.

PaySite has no limitations regarding combinations; complex compensation programs can be easily defined and implemented in any currency. Information can be exported in sponsors' accounting systems to further streamline the payment process.

"One of the keys to enhancing site/sponsor relationships is paying sites on time. As sponsors' accounting processes elongate in complexity and time, site payments get extended, creating stress on the relationship," said James DeSanti, founder and chief executive officer, PharmaVigilant. "PaySite dramatically reduces the time upfront by creating payment reports on-demand, or with manual overrides when required. Timely remuneration provides a competitive advantage to both small and large companies as they compete for sites' resources and subjects."

PharmaVigilant offers a full suite of clinical trial technology offerings including: Electronic Data Capture (InSpire); data warehousing (I-Warehouse); study building (I-Builder 2.0); Electronic Trial Master File System (I-Vault); Remote Source Document Verification (rSDV); study administration; and an automated site payment system (PaySite). PharmaVigilant focuses on Phase I-IV clinical trials, registries and other post-marketing studies. The technology has supported more than 200,000 patients in 18 countries across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia and continues to expand rapidly.

About PharmaVigilant:

Based in Westborough, Mass., PharmaVigilant is a SaaS company founded in 2005 to provide broader technologies to streamline the clinical trial process for biopharmaceutical companies. Its full suite of patient-based technology automates the collection, management and analysis of clinical trial data and most importantly puts that data in the sponsors' hands when and how they want it. Sponsors rely on PharmaVigilant to ease the regulatory and FDA submission and approval process and ultimately go-to-market more quickly with top quality drugs. For more information, visit