Pfizer’s meningitis vaccine enters phase II clinical trails

8 August2012, USA California ( The vaccine produced by the top pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, against a dreadful strain of meningitis causing bacteria has proceeded to phase II clinical trials. The advancement in the research study has opened doors to the creation of an effective medication against the detrimental meningitis, which is the first in this regard. Meningococcal serogroup B is the delirious strain of meningococcal bacteria that has been found to execute injurious effects on young adults specifically. The study is being carried out by Pfizer Co. at the Southwestern Medical Clinic of Stevensville, Michigan, U.S. Till date there is no vaccine to this condition, which results due to the inflammation of the membranes that are internally encompassed to the brain and spinal cord called meninges. Many individuals once afflicted with this bacterial strain are found to die, whereas some of them survived with conquering some permanent disabilities. Since long time researchers all around the world have been actively involved in finding an optimum cure for this devastating health condition. Although, the bacteria have several strains to its credit, only two of the currently available vaccines have found to be effective against all except the serotype B. Emilio Emini, chief scientific officer of vaccine research at Pfizer said that the strain of meningitis is extremely harmful and thus very significant initiating a need of vaccine immediately to curb its progression. She also said that the around 59% of North Americans and almost 80% of Europeans suffering from meningococcal disease are being afflicted by this strain. Pfizer is aiming for phase II clinical trials with a greater number of population later this year, as the vaccine has already being proved to be effective against serotype B strain and was also well tolerated in healthy adults in the initial studies. For more: 4th lane, 278 Stockton, California states, USA