Pfizer gets new cancer team to advance key drugs

With the clock ticking on its patent for Lipitor, Pfizer has turned to a group of new executives to lead the company to the promised land of new cancer therapies.

Garry Nicholson, a 30-year Eli Lilly vet, will be responsible for overseeing every aspect of Pfizer's new oncology programs, from the first clinical trial to marketing, notes Forbes. Neil Gibson, formerly chief scientific officer at biotech OSI Pharmaceuticals, has been brought in to direct oncology research. And Briggs Morrison, who was able to speed clinical trials at Merck, has been brought in to do trial design.

"It's an exceptional situation," says Nicholson. "And for someone like me, who is in the business to get as many cancer drugs that extend survival to patients as possible, it is the best situation that I know of."

Pfizer needs all the help it can get. The drug giant is likely to lose 25 percent of its current revenue to generic competition for Lipitor.

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