Pfizer drops phase 2 diabetes drug, two earlier-stage candidates

Pfizer has quietly dropped three drug candidates from its pipeline.

During its financials posted today, Pfizer quietly updated its pipeline showing that it has dropped three candidates from its testing programs, but as always, details were thin on the ground.

Its most advanced prospective med from this list was its Type 2 diabetes drug PF-06291874, a glucagon receptor antagonist that finished a midstage test last year.

According to, Pfizer was testing the drug in over 200 patients against placebo in a three-month study in Type 2 diabetics who couldn’t control their sugar levels using metformin. The study was completed in fall of last year, but data were not made available on the site.

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Pfizer also ditched two phase 1 studies for PF-06815345, a small molecule that was aimed at hyperlipidemia, and PF-06412562, for an unspecified cognitive disorder, within its pain and neuroscience division.

Again, looking to, Pfizer had been testing the latter compound in schizophrenia, with the study being completed in October of last year. 


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